What was needed?

The Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route (AWPR), also known as the Aberdeen bypass, was a major infrastructure development project on the outskirts of Aberdeen, Scotland.

As part of the development, over one million trees were planted along the 58Km route and associated access roads. This vegetation is intended to provide settlement in the developed land, along with noise cancellation and general visual improvement.

Innovair was contracted to deliver aerial survey data along the entire 58km route, so that our client could monitor the establishment & health of the vegetation over time. This work forms part of a 5-year contract providing annual surveys.

Details of the survey:

  •  Terrain surrounding AWPR to be surveyed by drone

  •  Survey to be completed along entire 58Km route

  •  Visual record to cover every tree planted

  •  Online portal for visual assessment

  •  Survey accurate to 20mm

Wingtra Site.jpg


AWPR Corridor Drone Survey



  • Aberdeen Airport flight restricted zone

  • Inclement weather

  • Large Survey Length 58Km

  • Busy operational dual carriageway

  • Complexity of Terrain

What were the results?

Over 10,000 high resolution geo-rectified images are collected by our VTOL Wingtra drone system annually, providing the quality of visual data required by the client to deliver a record of every tree planted.
All images were stored and processed on our online portal. The portal allows data to be view as a scaled ortho-map and shows the full 58km route as a top down image. 
The dataset processed within our portal also allows our client to interrogate the full site, take measurements and share reports within their project team.