Project Insight

When a large-scale project requires survey-grade spatial data, LiDAR has proven to be the fastest and most accurate technology for mapping and modelling. Due to renovation work on a live rail-track located in the Belfast suburbs, Innovair were requested to provide point cloud data of the a 4km length of track and verge using aerial LiDAR technology. To add to the complexity of the scope, operations had to be completed at night due to the track being active between 6am and 11:30pm.

Client: Babcock / Translink
Location: Belfast
Deliverable: Geo-referenced Point Cloud
Duration: 10 Days including data processing


  • Public Location

  • Night flight operation

  • Live Railway during day

  • Minimal take-off points

  • Complexity of Terrain

  • Survey Coverage

  • Large Data-set


Using our bespoke aerial LiDAR platform we were able to survey the entire 4Km track in 2 night shifts with full ground control in place for QA/QC, resulting in a high resolution point cloud with +/-50mm accuracy. Extensive pre-deployment planning was required due to flying the UAV system at night however working closely with the client and rail night shift teams meant data collection was successful and completed safely.