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Drone Inspection

Using Drones our highly experienced inspectors deliver comprehensive reports based on accurate visual, thermal & NDT inspection data

Supporting you to improve the effectiveness of inspection across your offshore assets, increasing your facilities productivity, reducing maintenance costs and improving safety.

Our team of experienced inspection engineers use drones to collect and deliver data with the highest level of accuracy and repeatability. Our stringent procedures ensure our operations are completed safely and we deliver the correct, actionable information to our clients so they can make data driven decisions and examine their assets.​ View our techniques we utilise for drone operations below.

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Visual Inspection

Using High-Resolution camera payloads difficult to access areas of offshore assets can be inspected efficiently & effectively. Accurate and repeatable inspections can be completed using programmed or manual flight operations.

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Using a tethered drone fitted with a modular robotic arm, ultrasonic thickness (UT) measurements can be taken across a range of structures at various angles (Wall/Floor/Ceiling/Side). The highly accurate, real-time and web accessible data makes the decision-making process faster and more efficient.

Thermal Inspection

Detect differences in surface temperatures using integrated FLIR camera payloads. Providing a deeper understanding of live structure performance, we use industry leading technology to provide reliable, high sensitivity investigation for a variety of applications.


Capturing a series of High-Resolution images, covering the entire surface of a structure, advanced photogrammetry software is used to create accurate 3D models, Ortho-maps and point clouds.

Industry Selector

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

Our multi-disciplined team of engineers and data scientists have extensive experience working on fixed platforms, semi-submersibles, FPSOs and tankers, as well as refineries and petrochemical plants. Our pioneering solutions enable access to and inspection of dangerous & harsh environments, where it is unsafe to send humans.


Our extensive expertise and passion to develop robotic and automation solutions, address real-world market challenges in the renewables industry. We have added significant value to routine and on-demand surveys by providing rapid and knowledgeable support to a range of renewables clients.

Utilities & Infrastructure

Our technology solutions provide a multitude of benefits allowing key stakeholders to make up to the minute, informed decisions on various active working sites and assets. These sectors are moving at such a fast pace that the technology used to monitor, survey and inspect must follow suit. 

Redefining Asset Inspection

Using Drone Technology


Minimise Working at Height & Confined Space Entry


Rapid deployment, time saving solutions &
fewer POB


Cost-effective alternative to other inspection techniques

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