Project Insight

A Major North Sea Operator wanted to visualise two flares and associated structures and produce accurate 3D models which would allow them fully assess and plan remedial works. Due to integrity issues of the access stairwell, access to the flares would be require specialist rope access hence the UAV was the perfect screening tool. One flare was live and the other redundant during the operation.

Client: Major North Sea Operator

Location: North Sea

Deliverable: 3D Model Point Cloud

Duration: 10 Days


  • Operational Flares

  • SIMOPS from platform operations

  • Restricted Take-off/landing areas

  • Side winds

  • Offshore weather conditions

  • Gulls nesting and flying near flares

  • Helicopter operations


Data collection was completed using Falcon8+ UAV system with imagery available in real-time on a secondary control station for our inspection engineer to complete the survey and allow our pilot to focus on controlling the drone. Photogrammetry was completed on one live and one out of service flare structure, with ~ 1000 images captured across each one to allow detailed 3D models to be created. This approach also removed any safety risks associated with sending personnel up the flare access ladders to complete the inspection.