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Using robots, we deliver efficient inspections, reduce costs and keep people safe.

Innovair helps asset and site owners visualise their environments, maintain asset integrity and complete tasks, without putting people at risk.

We support inspection, maintenance & repair projects on both offshore and onshore facilities. Our multi-disciplined team of engineers and data scientists have extensive experience working on fixed platforms, semi-submersibles, FPSOs and tankers, as well as refineries and petrochemical plants.

Our team of experienced inspection engineers use their knowledge, and the most appropriate technology, to collect and deliver data with the highest level of accuracy and repeatability.

How can we support you?

With over 30 years’ experience between them, Andrew and Stuart have successfully delivered 100’s of inspection projects to Oil & Gas clients around the world.

Supporting clients with solutions for Drone Inspection, Remote Visual Inspection, Laser Scanning & Advanced NDT, as well as designing and developing bespoke tooling to enable these techniques to be deployed in the harshest of environments.

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Andrew Johnston

Inspection Director

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"Stringent operational procedures ensure our projects are completed safely and ensure we can efficiently deliver precise, actionable information to you.

Our inspection services provide you with assurance, predictability and peace of mind, so you can make informed decisions about your assets.”

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Stuart Lawson

Solutions Director

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"We are currently hard at work on several strategic and client ‘challenge led’ R&D projects. Our project teams are working on drone autonomy, high-speed automated NDT scanning systems and deep learning technologies.”


Want to hear more about any of these projects, or our intention to put ‘clients in control of inspections’ on their assets?

How are we helping Oil & Gas clients?

Our client required UAV inspection works across two of their offshore facilities in the UKCS, covering three flare systems and the supporting structures.


A Close Visual inspection of each flare platform and General Visual Inspection of the flare booms was completed.  The data from the inspections was to aid the integrity department in monitoring the flare condition and capturing additional information on known defects within the systems, ahead of a repair campaign.

By also capturing 3D models (internally accurate to ±20mm) we were able to provide further assurance to the client, confirming exact repair requirements, providing predictability for planning & scheduling and minimising the risk of rework or delays.

"Thanks for your support over the last week or so.You were both extremely helpful and proactive in getting these scope completed. Captured everything I was hoping for."

Integrity Engineer - UKCS Operator


Innovair were mobilised by a UKCS client to complete a multi-scope project, inspecting several items including topside pipework, using a robotic crawler, and a drop-camera inspection within a platform leg. 

A team of two personnel deployed our solutions, successfully negotiating access challenges, in order to complete a close visual inspection of each structure. PDF inspection reports, edited video & high-resolution photographs were delivered to the client following the works, allowing them to assess the condition of each item and make an informed decision on the requirement for any additional inspection or repair works.

"We were extremely happy with the quality of the images and videos captured from the inspections. Thanks to the team for their hard work!”

Structural Engineer - UKCS Operator

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Our pioneering solutions enable access to and inspection of dangerous & harsh environments, where it is unsafe to send humans.  We strive for operational excellence in order to help you increase the effectiveness of inspection, increase productivity, reduce maintenance costs and improve safety across your assets.

Using Drones our highly experienced inspectors deliver comprehensive reports based on accurate visual, thermal & NDT inspection data.

Drone Inspection

Our team of Chartered Surveyors & Site Engineers deliver highly accurate measured surveys utilising a wide range of laser scanning solutions.

Laser Scanning
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Our team of experienced Inspection Engineers use a range of RVI systems to access the most challenging structures & components across your facilities.

Remote Visual Inspection

Our R&D team are developing intelligent robots which can navigate, position, and deliver complex services in unstructured environments.

Advanced Industrial Robotics

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