Project Insight

For this project a 58Km stretch of B-road located on the West Coast of Scotland required to be surveyed for the installation of an HV cable. As the road was currently open to the public, it was simply too dangerous and time-consuming to deploy a standard team of surveyors. 

Client: UTEC Survey / Scottish Power Energy Networks
Location: Scottish Highlands
Deliverable: DTM and DSM, Geo-referenced Non-Colourised Data Set
Duration: 3 Days including data processing


  • Remote Location

  • Large Survey Area

  • Road Open to Public

  • Inclement Weather

  • Complexity of Terrain


Innovair’s mobile mapping system mounted on our 4x4 vehicle utilises the latest in LiDAR technology a fully-georeferenced data set which has a resolution of 500 points per square meter. When combined with positional equipment, these georeferenced data points can be used to create accurate, three-dimensional point cloud data for almost any environment or application. The Innovair mobile mapping system acquired around 30Gb of mobile LiDAR data allowing for a complete review of the survey route.