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Meet Mitch

Andrew Mitchell - Business Development Manager

What's your professional background?

My background started out in the recruitment industry, where I started out as an office junior for a company half of the week, and the other half, I was coaching rugby in schools for my local rugby club. Eventually I decided to move into recruitment full time when I was offered a role as a trainee recruiter. From this I worked my way up the ladder to Recruitment Team Lead. I really enjoyed engaging with candidates and latterly clients focusing on their needs for recruitment and how we could make our offering more attractive than our competitors. It was then after attending many client meetings that I became interested in moving into a Business Development role and having the opportunity to travel with work and meet new clients and cultures across the globe. Since then, I have never looked back and continue to grow networks across the Energy sector.

What are you most excited for this year at innovair?

I am really excited to work with the team to expand our capabilities in Advanced Inspection techniques and demonstrate these to current and potential customers across the onshore and offshore Energy sectors. Also maybe get the opportunity to fly onw of the drones if they let me!

What's one thing that you are bad at?

If you asked my wife this question it would be helping with chores around the house! My daughter would say my dancing isn't great! But if I'm honest if would probably be DIY around the house, cutting the grass - cutting the grass 20 mins, hanging a picture - 2 days...

What do you enjoy doing when not at work?

That's an easy one, spending time with my wife and daughter and walks with Mac, our dog. Also enjoy watching and coaching rugby and getting out on my road bike.

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