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Meet The Team - Jamie Watt

What is your professional background?

Having completed an honours degree at Aberdeen University in 2007, I qualified as a Chartered Surveyor in 2010. My career began in commercial real estate dealing with a variety of acquisitions, disposals and portfolio management for clients throughout the UK, before progressing into an international construction project management role for a large Oil & Gas service company. I spent 7 years there managing an extensive construction portfolio across the UK, Europe, Scandinavia and Sub-Saharan Africa. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have worked in over 20 countries and delivered in excess of $200m USD of construction projects.

Working in some of the world’s most challenging environments ultimately led to the Innovair concept, identifying the potential for the utilisation of robotics and remote sensing to save time and money whilst helping deliver a superior product.

What is your Role within Innovair?

I oversee the survey department at Innovair looking after everything from business development to service quality and assurance. Currently our main focus is the integration of point cloud surveys into the BIM life cycle and improving data capture techniques. We work with some cutting-edge technology, particularly when it comes to remote sensing payloads for our UAVs (drones) and have managed to produce a workflow that allows us to cover 150Ha per day to an internal accuracy of +/-10mm. This is proving particularly useful to our quarry and aggregate clients who can view their entire site and measure stockpiles/conveyor runs etc via our client portal without even leaving their office! We also undertake static and dynamic LiDAR scans for a variety of purposes including industrial plant design and as-built modelling.

Where do you see the future of Survey Technology?

The sky really is the limit when it comes to the future of surveying. The efficient incorporation of UAV technology is an obvious area where the industry is really going to benefit in the coming years and with the ever-widening adoption of BIM into both the design and FM processes, point cloud surveys and reality-capture will continue to thrive. Artificial intelligence is becoming more prevalent and we’ll start to see some real improvements in efficient data capture through robotics. I don’t see robotics as a direct competitor of human resources however, rather a complimentary service to allow for better decision making and, ultimately, more projects finishing on time, on budget and safely.

What do you see as the biggest challenge in the Survey industry?

The ongoing uptake of BIM practices across construction goes hand-in-hand with the adoption of advanced survey techniques and I do see this as crucial to our advancement. The change to 3D design is akin to the change from pen and paper to 2D CAD and I don’t think the BIM revolution has yet fully taken hold. In order to realise the benefits of point clouds and robotic remote sensing, the industry needs to keep apace with technology developments and be receptive to new ways of thinking. That being said, progress is being made, the use of UAVs on the AWPR project being a prime example, and it’s certainly a case of ‘when’ rather than ‘if.’

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