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Meet The Team - Stuart Lawson

What is your professional background?

Graduating in 2007 from the Robert Gordon University with a BSc Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, I started my working life at iicorr, a specialist inspection company. Spending my early career completing visual inspection and ultrasonic corrosion mapping projects offshore, as my career progressed I spent time in various areas of the business including project management, technology development and sales, which allowed me to work closely with customers to develop inspection solutions which were fit for purpose and addressed their needs. Co-founding AISUS Offshore in 2013, I was Managing Director there until October 2018, developing the business strategy and overseeing the commercial management, with it being an SME I also continued to have active involvement at an operational level both on and offshore.

I have always been keen to incorporate my degree into my work and feel now is the right time to do so through innovair. The business has been established for 3 years now and has been focussed on surveying and inspection using ‘drones’. The potential for UAV technology and the cross-industry opportunities for solutions which allow cooperation between multiple robotics platforms and humans is only just beginning to be realised.

What is your Role within Innovair?

Up until now I have been supporting Jamie and Andrew with strategy and business development for the survey and inspection departments in the company. With them both now gaining significant traction we are looking to invest in new product development and my main role is to develop the solutions department within Innovair. Initially focussed on development of robots which allow access for survey and inspection technology to hazardous and difficult to access sites, we also have plans to develop systems which allow effective onsite co-operation between robots, and robotic systems capable of completing tasks of increased complexity such as maintenance works and intervention.

We are actively engaging with clients across a range of industries including construction, civils, renewables and oil & gas to understand where robotic technology can add value to their operations, with this feeding in to innovair’s technology roadmap.

Where do you see the future of Industrial Robotic Technology?

Robots, whether aerial deployed, ground based or for subsea applications, will over time be widely adopted across most industries. Working alongside multi-skilled teams of survey, inspection and maintenance personnel, I see robots being developed for the most repeatable tasks, carrying them out autonomously, whilst also being deployed in hazardous environments where their use mitigates risk and removes personnel from harm. Having robots which are able to adapt to changes on worksites, for example navigating safely through the ever-changing environment of a construction site, will ensure they can integrate safely with humans when working collaboratively.

What do you see as the biggest challenge in delivering robotic solutions to Industry?

Adoption of new technology is often a challenge and, with robotics, education is key across all sectors. Open communication between technology developers and potential clients will ensure solutions are aligned with needs. Developing a clear message of where the technology adds value and is commercially useful will make its adoption easier to obtain from all stakeholders. There is no doubt about the ability of robots to generate efficiencies, reduce costs and increase safety and their integration into industry should be a positive addition to most companies.

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