External Blade Inspection Campaign


Innovair were tasked to inspect over 340 turbine blades over a six-week period across five wind farms in UK and Ireland.

Client: Renewables Operator

Location: UK & Ireland

Deliverable: Blade Inspection Data & Online Hosting / Reporting

Project Duration: 6 weeks


  • High winds encountered

  • Covid restrictions for overseas travel

  • Multiple wind farm sites visited during campaign

  • Large volume of inspection data collect


Innovair carried out the inspections utilising its BladeInsight Platform. The system provides 100% coverage of the external blade structure using an automated flight path that is repeated for each blade. Each automated flight covers all four angles of the blade with no pitching required. BladeInsight payload also has integrated LiDAR unit which ensures drone and payload are kept an optimal distance to the blade and for superior data collection and safety.

In total, Innovair inspected over 340 blades during the campaign, encountering 5 different turbine types across 5 wind farms.

Project Gallery

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