UKCS Flare Stack Drone Campaign


Innovair was requested to complete drone inspection of three Flare Stacks across two of our clients' offshore platforms located in the North Sea. The client wanted to understand the current condition of all flares, flare platforms and flare booms as part of an inspection campaign. 

Client: Major North Sea Operator 

Location: North Sea 

Deliverable: Close Visual & Inspection 

Report Duration: 10 Days 


  • SIMOPS from platform operations

  • Operational Flares

  • Restricted Take-off/landing areas

  • Side winds

  • Offshore weather conditions

  • Gulls nesting and flying near flares

  • Helicopter operations


Visual inspection was completed using a combination of photographs and video, with imagery available in real-time on a secondary control station for our inspection engineer to complete the inspection and allow our pilot to focus on controlling the drone. All work was undertaken in accordance with the Innovair’s strict operations manual, offshore visual inspection procedures and client permit to work system. A detailed Risk assessment & method statement, detailing all health & safety procedures, was approved by the client prior to mobilisation and adhered to throughout the scope of work.

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