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We utilise the latest drone and laser surveying technology and techniques to capture and process data on various active sites. We produce accurate, survey grade data in the form of orthomosaics, elevation data and 3D point clouds. Our online portal can integrate imagery with CAD, BIM and or other GIS (ground information system) platforms. Using drone technology and pre-programmed flight missions we can readily recreate exactly the same surveys over a period of time, allowing you to monitor progress with your site.



This allows key stakeholders and project managers to monitor progress on a project and see how it is changing over time, all from the comfort of their desk. Regular drone surveys allow you to detect change. From progress images to calculation of cut/fill, your data can be analysed to identify issues at an early stage. 




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We utilise the latest in surveying technology, reducing the dangers exposed to road and highway workers. Mobile Mapping requires no traffic management and allows the surveyor to capture highly accurate data even while travelling at normal road speed. Our mobile mapping system utilises the latest in LiDAR laser scanning technology and geo-refenced panoramic imagery to produce a fully-colourised data set which has a resolution of 500 points per square meter.  When combined with positional equipment, datasets can be used to create accurate, three-dimensional point cloud data for almost any environment or application.  


At Innovair we provide a full range of laser scanning services, including airborne laser scanning surveys, ground-based terrestrial laser scanning and mobile laser scanning. Combining with aerial surveying such as corridor mapping using fixed wing drones, we provide an unrivalled service for the surveying of roads and highways.




Offering Drone Surveys, Laser Scanning and Inspection services, our multi-disciplined team of Inspection Engineers and Chartered Surveyors have extensive experience working on construction sites, civil engineering projects and infrastructure assets. Deploying advanced technology to collect the most accurate and comprehensive data sets possible, we enable our clients to make informed decisions based on trusted information. High-definition 3D laser scanning, combined with drone imagery and 3D points clouds allows for seamless capture and monitoring of construction progress, providing meaningful data at every stage of a project, start to finish.


Our pioneering solutions enable data collection in all environments, even where it is unsafe to send humans.  We strive for operational excellence to help you increase the effectiveness of inspection and survey activities, increase productivity, reduce operational costs and improve safety.



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With greater emphasis being placed on design and rehabilitation of construction corridors, requirements for detailed information has become prevalent in recent times. Acquiring survey grade data for route surveys can be a difficult task when using terrestrial surveying techniques. Project examples can range from cable laying, road and highway construction, pipeline corridors or new infrastructure planning. 


Using drones for aerial route and corridor mapping is transforming the development of large road, construction and infrastructure projects. Collecting thousands of geo-rectified images using our extended flight permissions, we deliver a range of precision data types that go well beyond traditional ground surveys. Whatever the size and location of your sites, we will provide a cost-effective means of streamlining your analysis. Use our client portal to interrogate your site, take measurements and share reports within your project team.

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Incorporating state-of-the-art survey & inspection technology and practices with pioneering deployment solutions, we have become a trusted partner to clients across multiple industry sectors. Explore a selection of our latest project case studies below.


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