Advanced Industrial Robotics

Our R&D team are developing intelligent robots which can navigate, position, and deliver complex services in unstructured environments.

These pioneering solutions enable challenging projects and dangerous tasks to be completed. Using robots, we generate efficiencies, reduce costs, and keep people safe.

Our team of robotics engineers & data scientists develop advanced industrial robots to support our clients’ operations. Autonomous and cooperative robotics are the future of in-service inspection, repair & maintenance. Advanced control solutions & continuous monitoring enables SIMOPS and safe integration with human teams around them.


Off-the-shelf or custom-built drone platforms can be integrated with advanced payloads, tethers, and collision tolerance. With market leading contact NDT capabilities and ongoing R&D projects for Inspection & Maintenance drone technology, our team are pioneering new drone services & applications.

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Inspection &

Maintenance Robotics

Our robotic solutions address access challenges and deliver the appropriate inspection & maintenance tooling to remote locations. Using a range of sophisticated centralisation and adhesion solutions our team can also support development of bespoke systems as required.

Advanced NDT Solutions

Over 30 years’ experience creating technology led NDT solutions directs our team’s development of high-speed automated NDT scanning systems. Designed for a range of in-service inspection requirements, our systems support our clients to achieve highly accurate and repeatable inspection data.

Artificial Intelligence &

Computer Vision

Deep learning technologies including Object Detection, Defect Classification & Tracking, assist us to inspect and survey assets. This enables us to deliver the highest levels of accuracy, efficiency and consistency to our clients.

Industry Selector

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

Our multi-disciplined team of engineers and data scientists have extensive experience working on fixed platforms, semi-submersibles, FPSOs and tankers, as well as refineries and petrochemical plants. Our pioneering solutions enable access to and inspection of dangerous & harsh environments, where it is unsafe to send humans. 

Embracing change, creating more effective processes and technology


Removing the need to put personnel at risk


Accessing dangerous environments more effectively


Harnessing robotics to create commercially useful solutions

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Innovair has over 50 years combined experience in specialist survey and industrial inspection. We are more than just a service provider. We are passionate about delivery and exceeding our client’s expectations on every project.

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