Remote Visual Inspection

Our team of experienced Inspection Engineers use a range of RVI systems to access the most challenging structures & components across your facilities.

Available for rapid deployment, our solutions enable the safe, timely and effective collection of visual inspection data helping to maintain asset integrity.

With over 40 years industry experience, our inspection team are poised to meet your Remote Visual Inspection needs. Selecting the right tool from our range of remotely deployed inspection systems, we complete projects in the safest, most effective way. Collecting high quality data and delivering results.


Using High-Resolution camera payloads difficult to access areas of offshore assets can be inspected efficiently & effectively using drone technology. Accurate and repeatable inspections can be completed using programmed or manual flight operations.

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Crawler Systems

Robotic crawlers provide a safe and convenient method for accessing hard to reach areas. Robust and powerful they can be driven 1,000s of metres from the operator where necessary, inside pipework, on vertical or inverted surfaces using a range of sophisticated centralisation or magnetic adhesion solutions. 

Drop Cameras

Drop camera systems lend themselves to a variety of applications. As a quick screening tool, lowered on their load-bearing tethers, or centralised to allow detailed visual inspection, the 360° pan & tilt functionality, integrated lighting and HD real-time footage ensure optimal visual inspection results no matter the challenge.

Push Rod Systems

Ideally suited for hostile environments, push rod cameras can be used for inspection in pipes and ducting controlled with pan & tilt functions. ATEX approved systems are available for working in high risk explosive atmospheres.

Industry Selector

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

Our multi-disciplined team of engineers and data scientists have extensive experience working on fixed platforms, semi-submersibles, FPSOs and tankers, as well as refineries and petrochemical plants. Our pioneering solutions enable access to and inspection of dangerous & harsh environments, where it is unsafe to send humans. 

Construction, Civils & Infrastructure

Our technology solutions provide a multitude of benefits allowing key stakeholders to make up to the minute, informed decisions on various active working sites. These sectors are moving at such a fast pace that the technology used to monitor, survey and inspect must follow suit.

We deliver a safe and efficient approach to working in challenging environments.


Reduces need for Confined Space Entry and Working at Height



Highly experienced team delivering cost effective solutions


No disassembly or
lost production time for in-service inspection

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