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​better decisions on your blades

At Innovair we implement a fully automated process to inspect wind turbine blades, exploiting autonomous drones, for the repeatable, accurate acquisition of data. Our experienced inspection engineers are delivering visibility on the state of wind turbine blades & structures, helping you to optimise your O&M strategy and prioritise repair requirements. 

We offer a service that provides 100% coverage of the external blade structure, completed using state-of-the-art autonomous drone technology and intuitive software developed by BladeInsight.



Seamlessly integrating autonomous data collection solutions with powerful analytics enables the safe, accurate & repeatable inspection of wind turbine blades. Working with Bladeinsight, data is consolidated on an online portal ensuring stakeholders across your business can easily access & collaborate using your blade inspection data.

Our solutions provide 100% blade coverage ensuring all damage is identified & categorised. Tailored reports can be generated quickly allowing you to focus on critical damages and keep turbines running.

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High-quality data collection with autonomous drones

Reliable and repeatable collection of high-quality data with autonomous drone flight with 100% blade coverage and best in class image quality.

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Gather blade data on one multi-source platform

​Monitor evolution of damage over time and cross reference from different blade data sources, all consolidated on one data platform.

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Actionable analytics & AI-powered insights to optimize O&M

Extract insights, identify trends and leverage AI to prioritise efficiently, allowing for robust risk assessment and maintenance planning.

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Embracing change, creating more effective processes, technology and commercial relationships to deliver better products and services.

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Arthbot Crawler Internal Blade Inspectio



Innovair deploy specialist technology including the ELIOS2 drone & robotic crawler solutions to provide a complete internal blade inspection.

Internal & External blade inspection data can be correlated within our online portal to maximise your understanding of blade condition and further support decision making.


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Innovair provides a range of survey & inspection services which are delivering accurate, repeatable data to those developing, constructing, installing or maintaining onshore renewables projects.


We are releasing a series of case studies and blogs in the coming months discussing how our solutions can benefit you throughout your project's lifecycle.


From front end development support to in-service inspection & maintenance programs, using specialist robotic technology.

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