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Bespoke Solutions


Address the most complex inspection challenges on your assets. Advanced Inspection Robotics. Designed for you, built to perform.

Access, location, environment, cleanliness, inspection technique; Just some of the considerations for inspection in difficult to access & dangerous environments.


Our inspection, robotics, mechatronics & AI specialists will design, build & deploy reliable, robust solutions for your inspection problem.


Our inspection, robotics, mechatronics & AI specialists follow a structured workflow when designing a solution for inspection challenges. The process starts with a thorough understanding of the customer's needs and challenges, followed by ideation and concept development. Once a concept is selected, the design team creates detailed specifications and prototypes for testing and validation. The solution is then refined and optimised based on feedback and testing results.


The implementation phase involves building and testing the final product, resulting in field trials and training. Throughout the entire process, Innovair emphasises communication and collaboration with the customer to ensure the solution aligns with their goals and expectations.

Understanding the Customer's Needs

Innovair works closely with the customer to gain a thorough understanding of their inspection challenges and ideates possible solutions.

Design, Prototyping and Validation

The selected solution is then designed in detail, prototyped, and tested thoroughly to ensure it meets the customer's needs and is ready for field trials.

Final Build Testing & Field Deployment 

The final solution is built, installed & field tested. We ensure the solution continues to meet the customer's needs and identifies opportunities for improvement.

Caisson Inspection Innovair2.jpg

Challenge Accepted

From initial point of contact our highly experienced inspection engineers take the time to understand your drivers & the specific requirements of your project.

Selecting the right tooling & appropriate methodology, integrating our services, modifying existing tooling, or designing and deploying a custom-made inspection system to meet your needs.

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