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We support your inspection needs on offshore assets such as fixed platforms, semi-submersibles, FPSOs, tankers & onshore sites such as refineries or petrochemical facilities. 

Using drones almost any structure can be inspected around your asset, accessing high or difficult to reach places without the need for scaffolding or rope access. 

Similarly, our range of state-of-the-art, remotely deployed visual inspection systems have been used on projects from small bore pipework to platform leg inspections.

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Solutions include:

Topside Pipework Inspection 
Prover Loops & Metering Stream Inspections
Pressure Vessels & Process Equipment
Structural Inspection 

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Our Oil & Gas inspection solutions can support you throughout the entire life-cycle of an asset, with inspection applications from flare tip to seabed.

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Flare Stack Inspection

Further information on our Flare Stack Inspection application.

Confined Space Inspection

Further information on our Confined Space Inspection application.

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Sub-Structure & 
Splash Zone

Further information on our Sub-structure & Splash Zone application.

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We are here to help

Our solutions approach means we work with you to solve your inspection problem(s). If you have a specific project you would like to discuss, reach out and we'll happily answer any questions.