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Innovair has significant expertise to support inspection requirements both underdeck and through the splash zone of offshore assets. 


We have a range of Advanced Inspection Robotics which have been designed specifically to support splash zone inspection. Integrating Ultrasonic Corrosion Mapping, RVI & supporting services including high pressure water jetting to support your inspection needs.

We also utilise the latest in drone technology alongside experienced inspectors to capture GVI & CVI of an entire underdeck area. Offering a rapid response and inexpensive means of inspection without rope access or scaffolding or using divers.

Remote Visual 

Surface Cleaning  Options

Advanced NDT  Capability


We have advanced robotic inspection solutions that have been designed to be utilised on external and internal surfaces. Systems can offer a safe alternative to hazardous or complex environments, especially for offshore, splash zone or underwater structures.

Deployed in high-risk remote environments, we are automating the method for accessing target components and enabling delivery of cost-effective NDT campaigns on Oil platforms either at height or subsea, addressing a significant challenge for operators. 

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Underdeck Drone Inspection
Internal & Externa
l Caisson Inspection

Platform Legs

Riser & J-Tube & Conductor Inspection
Hull Inspection & Jacket Structure

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Thousands of assets inspected and over 250 projects have been delivered successfully. Consistently delivering to the highest of standards, pre, during and post project, we are proud to strive for operational excellence. Our inspection capabilities include visual and NDT services specialised for splash zone and underwater structures.

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As a client you will quickly realise your trust in our range of inspection solutions was well placed. We do what we say we are going to do.
Reliable, innovative, experienced, we become your go-to team for trusted inspection advice, support & solutions. The collective knowledge and expertise within the Innovair team has been developed during hundreds of inspection work scopes for some of the largest energy companies across the globe.

Our Oil & Gas inspection solutions can support you throughout the entire life-cycle of an asset, with inspection applications from flare tip to seabed.

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Flare Stack Inspection

Further information on our Flare Stack Inspection application.

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Further information on our Topside Inspection application

Confined Space Inspection

Further information on our Confined Space Inspection application.

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Delivering a clearer understanding

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