Platform Jacket Leg Internal Inspection


Innovair were contracted by a UKCS operator to inspect two jacket legs on one of their assets. The aim of the visual inspections was to assess the condition of each Leg internally and perform Laser scans to identify any areas of potential concern and to create an accurate representation of the internal makeup of the Legs and associated pipework.

Client: UKCS Operator

Location: North Sea

Deliverable: Close Visual Inspection & Laser Survey

Project Duration: 14 Days


  • SIMOPS from platform operations / nearby vessels

  • Working over the side in awkward access

  • Offshore weather conditions

  • Operations limited to day

  • Radio communication between work parties


Using a crawler-camera system & specialist laser scanner our inspectors successfully deployed our solutions, negotiating access challenges & internal furniture, to complete a close visual inspection & laser scan of each structure. Our solutions led approach on this project allowed us to collect meaningful data to build a more thorough picture of the leg structure both externally and internally.

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