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Bespoke Solutions


Offshore wind assets may develop unexpected or challenging inspection requirements throughout their lifecycle.


To help you manage these assets, Innovair’ core capabilities can be deployed as stand-alone services or integrated to address your specific needs.

Drone inspection, RVI, Advanced NDT and supporting services including high-pressure water jet cleaning enable thorough inspections to be completed on WTG components like Nacelle, Tower, HUB or offshore structures including Substations / Jacket Structures, Splash zone (Monopile / Transition Piece), Caissons & J-Tubes and Weather Mast Stations.

Remote Visual 

Surface Cleaning  Options

Advanced NDT  Capability


How do we complete offshore wind farm asset inspections? Our innovative workflow is designed to streamline the inspection process, ensuring a safe and efficient operation. We have a highly qualified team of inspection engineers who are also certified drone pilots with extensive experience on multiple robotic systems and payloads. 


Access, location, environment, cleanliness, inspection technique; Just some of the considerations for inspections at offshore wind farms. From initial enquiry we select the right tooling & appropriate methodology, integrating our services, modifying existing tooling, or we can design and deploy a custom-made inspection system to meet your needs. We can capture a variety of inspection data which can be analysed using our proprietary software, which generates comprehensive reports highlighting any potential risks or areas of concern. The entire process is completed with the utmost safety and security, ensuring minimal downtime and disruption to your operations. On every inspection project we will work with you to implement a complete solution.

Pre planning, site safety and documentation

Our experienced inspection engineers will prepare and submit all documentation prior to mobilisation to ensure a safe operation is carried out.

High quality data collection by qualified pilots

Innovair CSWIP qualified Offshore Visual Inspectors will collect the highest quality CVI, Thermal & photogrammetry datasets across your assets.

Fast turnaround on inspection reports

Confidently assess the condition of your assets with comprehensive GVI & CVI reports, hi-resolution images,
live video streaming & 3D photogrammetry datasets.


Thousands of blades inspected and over 250 projects have been delivered successfully. Consistently delivering to the highest of standards, pre, during and post project, we are proud to strive for operational excellence.

Offshore Wind Substation.jpg

Applications include:

Nacelle, Tower, HUB

Offshore Substations, Jacket Structures & Caissons & J-Tubes

Splash zone / Foundations

Monopile, Transition Piece, Boat Landings

Meteorological Weather Masts

DJI_20220608114536_0088 Layers.jpg

As a client you will quickly realise your trust in our range of inspection solutions was well placed. We do what we say we are going to do.
Reliable, innovative, experienced, we become your go-to team for trusted inspection advice, support & solutions. The collective knowledge and expertise within the Innovair team has been developed during hundreds of inspection work scopes for some of the largest energy companies across the globe.

Our Renewables inspection solutions can support you throughout the entire life-cycle of an asset, with inspection applications from blade tip to seabed

External Blade Inspection

Further information on our External Blade Inspection application.

Internal Blade Inspection

Further information on our Internal Blade Inspection application.

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WTG Component Inspection

Further information on our WTG Component Inspection application

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A redefined approach to inspection.

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