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Inch Cape Substation Site Progress

Scope Overview

Innovair has been awarded a 2-year contract with Inch Cape Wind Farm for drone inspection services at their East Lothian site.

Inch Cape Offshore Wind Farm, currently progressing towards construction, will feature up to 72 turbines sited 15 kilometres off the Angus Coast in the North Sea. The requirement was for a solution that provided clear visibility into construction activities of a new substation, located in Cockenzie, enabling informed decision-making and facilitating effective communication among project stakeholders.

It was important for the Inch Cape team to utilise a local supplier, aligning with their commitment to supporting the regional economy. Additionally, chosen partner, should be capable of harmonising technological excellence with a regional approach, thus contributing to the broader success of the wind farm project development.

What did we do?

Innovair ensures a thorough snapshot of site progress by conducting weekly site visits, a crucial step in monitoring the construction of Inch Cape Wind Farm's new substation in Cockenzie. Before commencing any work, a detailed Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS) and Work Pack were submitted to gain approval from all site teams, including Siemens, the main contractor on-site.

Innovair's dedicated Inspection Engineer, equipped with the M300 RTK Inspection Drone system and the P1 Zenmuse payload, is deployed from a designated cordoned take-off and landing area on-site.

Leveraging the renowned reliability and versatility of the M300, high-resolution aerial shots and HD video are captured effortlessly. Planned drone missions ensure consistent data collection along the same flight path, providing a holistic and comparable view of the construction progress week by week.

What were the results?

Weekly, Stakeholders receive a consistent dataset, encompassing 45MP geotagged aerial images and an expertly edited HD Video Flyover capturing the entirety of the site. Our pre-determined drone flight missions meticulously cover the entire site, offering a comprehensive level of detail from different angles and heights. These pre-determined flight lines empower project managers to closely monitor progress and make informed decisions.

To enhance communication efficiency, the data is not only time-stamped for accuracy but also seamlessly transferred electronically to stakeholders. This ensures a real-time exchange of information, allowing for proactive response and contributing to the overall success of the project.

What were benefits?

Innovair's drone services provided a comprehensive snapshot of the construction site, offering a unique perspective of progress. Drones, through their automated data collection capabilities, not only expedite the monitoring process but also ensured accuracy in capturing intricate details. 

This streamlined approach not only optimises decision-making but also provides a continuous and reliable stream of information, fostering a cohesive and well-informed construction environment. The benefits extended beyond mere efficiency gains, contributing significantly to the overall success and timely completion of the substation for Inch Cape Wind Farm.

Client Project Manager Feedback

Project is still ongoing but Innovair have been impressive so far and the working relationship is very good. Keep up the good work!

Project Gallery

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