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We have wide experience in both, external and internal inspection of various components, with almost all Wind Turbine manufacturers. Operating a fleet of specialist drones and robotic crawlers; we can capture visual inspection, thermal inspection, ultrasonic thickness & photogrammetry data sets.

Inspections can cover all components of wind power generation systems including the nacelle, rotor, tower and lighting systems. Address the most complex inspection challenges on your assets. Designed for you, built to perform.  


How do we complete inspections of various wind turbine components? We start by reviewing the inspection requirements from scope of work issued by the client, identifying the WTG components that need to be inspected and develop a project plan. This includes determining the inspection frequency, inspection technology and method, and the scope of the inspection. We have a highly qualified team of  inspection engineers who are certified drone pilots with extensive experience on multiple robotic and drone systems and payloads. We can operate our technology on offshore or onshore wind turbines. Our skilled inspection engineers will thoroughly plan and document the operation to ensure a safe and efficient inspection is conducted. All necessary paperwork will be completed and submitted in advance of mobilisation.


Innovair inspectors will prepare detailed inspection reports, including recommendations for any necessary repairs or maintenance. The reports can include summaries of inspection findings, detailed images and videos, and recommendations for further action. The entire process is completed with the utmost safety and security, ensuring minimal downtime and disruption to your operations. On every inspection project we will work with you to implement a complete solution. The use of drone and robotic technology provides an efficient and cost-effective way to inspect WTG components, ensuring the continued safe and reliable operation of wind farms.

High-quality data collection using remote technology

Reliable and repeatable collection of high-quality data using the latest in remote inspection technology from drones to crawler vehicles.

Gather inspection data on one multi-source platform

 The inspection team reviews the data collected by the drone & robotic inspections to identify any defects or anomalies in the WTG components.

Actionable analytics & AI-powered insights to optimize O&M

 Reports include a summary of the inspection findings, detailed images and videos, and recommendations for further action


Thousands of WTG's inspected and over 250 projects have been delivered successfully. Consistently delivering to the highest of standards, pre, during and post project, we are proud to strive for operational excellence.

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As a client you will quickly realise your trust in our range of inspection solutions was well placed. We do what we say we are going to do.
Reliable, innovative, experienced, we become your go-to team for trusted inspection advice, support & solutions. The collective knowledge and expertise within the Innovair team has been developed during hundreds of inspection work scopes for some of the largest energy companies across the globe.

Our Renewables inspection solutions can support you throughout the entire life-cycle of an asset, with inspection applications from blade tip to seabed

External Blade Inspection

Further information on our External Blade Inspection application.

Internal Blade Inspection

Further information on our Internal Blade Inspection application.

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Offshore Asset Inspection

Further information on our Offshore Asset Inspection application.

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A redefined approach to inspection.

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