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Operating a fleet of specialist drones and robotic crawlers; we can capture visual inspection, thermal inspection, ultrasonic thickness & photogrammetry data sets.

Inspections can cover all components of wind power generation systems including the nacelle, rotor, tower and lighting systems. 

Our team are experienced inspection engineers first & foremost. Over & above this they are highly competent in the operation of drones & other robotics to collect high-quality inspection data, accurately and repeatably. 

Our Renewables inspection solutions can support you throughout the entire life-cycle of an asset, with inspection applications from blade tip to seabed

External Blade Inspection

Further information on our External Blade Inspection application.

Internal Blade Inspection

Further information on our Internal Blade Inspection application.

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Offshore Asset Inspection

Further information on our Offshore Asset Inspection application.

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We are here to help

Our solutions approach means we work with you to solve your inspection problem(s). If you have a specific project you would like to discuss, reach out and we'll happily answer any questions.