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Equinor Hywind Foundation Inspection

Scope Overview

Our client requested a comprehensive visual assessment of five WTG foundations across a floating wind farm situated off the East Coast of Scotland.

The primary aim of the drone visual inspections was to assess the general condition of various structures mainly found below the (EWP) External Working Platform on each Foundation. A detailed inspection report was then to be issued of areas highlighted in scope of works.

The client wanted to pay particular attention to the following components of the foundation:

  • External Working Platform (EWP)

  • Boat Landing Fender, Ladders & Platform

  • J-Tubes & Support Brackets

What did we do?

Access to the Floating Wind Farm was facilitated by a Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) departing from Peterhead harbour. Two Innovair Inspection Engineers, equipped with drone equipment, journeyed from our Aberdeen base to Peterhead harbour in preparation for the operation.

Upon reaching the wind farm, seamless coordination between our inspection team and the vessel captain ensured optimal positioning of the CTV, maximising line-of-sight visibility for the drone around the designated turbines.

Over the course of the three-day inspection period, our skilled operators meticulously navigated around each turbine foundation, meticulously covering all targeted areas.

Throughout the operation, we maintained open and transparent communication channels with the client, providing regular updates on the progress of the inspections.

What were the results?

From the deck of the CTV, our drone team conducted flights, typically maintaining a proximity of within 200 meters of the Wind Turbine and foundation.

We utilised our DJI M300 drone inspection system along with two payloads, Zenmuse P1 & Sony A7RI, both providing high-resolution imagery. Thousands of images were collected for each foundation structure.

The data collected during the flights was promptly processed and analysed by our skilled technicians, who compiled a comprehensive inspection report detailing our findings and observations. Additionally, all images were categorised according to asset and transferred electronically to facilitate easy access and review by the client.

What were benefits?

By conducting inspections from the safety and convenience of a CTV, our team eliminated the need to physically board each turbine, significantly reducing operational risks and enhancing overall safety measures.

Moreover, the efficiency of drone-based inspections allowed for the capture of vast amounts of data within a relatively short period of time. Thousands of high-resolution images were acquired for each foundation structure, providing an extensive and detailed overview of their condition and integrity. This streamlined approach not only maximised productivity but also minimised disruption to ongoing operations at the wind farm.

Client Project Manager Feedback

Efficient, timely deliveries and approachable, knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Project Gallery

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