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TAQA Oil & Gas Drone Campaign

Scope Overview

As part of an Oil & Gas drone inspection campaign, Innovair completed various asset inspections on three TAQA platforms located in the North Sea.

The purpose of the drone campaign was to support long term topside structural inspections and to assist in reducing overboard rope access scopes.

The client provided a comprehensive scope of work for each asset. The target list included critical elements such as:

  • Flare systems

  • Helideck & Drilling Derrick

  • Jacket and Members

  • Underdeck & MSF

  • Platform GVI

What did we do?

A team of 2 Innovair personnel mobilised with a M300 RTK Inspection Drone system and two camera payloads. Battery sets were sent to the other platforms with drone equipment and personnel inter-fielded after each scope was completed.

Deployment of drone was carried out on the pipe decks or helidecks, using a RTK base for positional accuracy. Over a two-week period, more than 20 flights were completed on each platform. High-resolution imagery, including thermal images, was captured to identify all defects and anomalies on the structures.

The project team maintained daily communication with the client, liaising with various offshore disciplines to ensure that safe flights were coordinated around crane operations and in-field helicopter flights. This proactive approach ensured the smooth completion of drone inspections with ongoing offshore activities..

What were the results?

The strategic inter-fielding of personnel and equipment played a pivotal role in efficiently minimising offshore work schedules and reducing transport costs. This approach allowed for a seamless transition between scopes, optimising resource utilisation and enhancing overall project efficiency.

Moreover, the efficiency gains were particularly notable when considering the volume of data captured within the relatively short mobilisation period. The drone's capability, coupled with the expertise of our two-person inspection team, resulted in a vast amount of data acquisition compared to traditional methods.

Client Project Manager Feedback

It’s been great working with you guys. Smooth and easy. Very professional."

Project Gallery

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