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Typically, bridges have previously been visually inspected from ground level, using ladders, cherry pickers, scaffolding, boats or scaffold. In most cases, traffic must be stopped or re-routed, and operations often take place at night. Using drones, inspections can be carried out with minimal interference.


Additionally, we can laser scan bridges and structures to produce point clouds for design purposes. This can completed via photogrammetry technique or using LiDAR laser scanning.



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Innovair has developed robotic solutions for geo-referenced data acquisition and processing within tunnels and corridors.  We can complete large scale integrated aerial photography using caged drones to laser scanning and photogrammetry within tunnels, voids and shafts.


Confined Spaces like Tunnels can be complex to survey and inspect, requiring measurement solutions that are accurate, effective and efficient. We deliver projects to a variety of industries with competent engineers who are confined space trained and manage risks within a particular environment. 



Visual condition inspections remain paramount to assessing the current deterioration of various structures, which allows remediation or maintenance tasks to be carried out to ensure the ongoing serviceability of the structure.

Innovair can carry out services from drone inspection to laser scanning producing point clouds for aqueducts and viaducts structures and surrounding land. From the data captured, companies can evaluate and prioritise what work is needed saving time, money, and reducing safety risks. Removing the requirement for working at height or performing a survey without lane closures or powering down create cost savings and efficiencies for the client.

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Incorporating state-of-the-art survey & inspection technology and practices with pioneering deployment solutions, we have become a trusted partner to clients across multiple industry sectors. Explore a selection of our latest project case studies below.


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