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Q1 Newsletter

The first three months of 2023 have been full of exciting things happening at Innovair and we are thrilled to share some of our latest updates with you.

Our team has been working diligently on developing cutting-edge advanced inspection robotics that address your inspection challenges.

In this quarter's newsletter, we highlight some of the key events and milestones that have shaped our journey so far. We hope you enjoy reading and look forward to your continued support as we continue to push the boundaries of bespoke inspection solutions within the Oil and Gas and Renewables sectors.


The R&D team has got a few exciting projects they are working on behind the scenes this year. One is getting our bespoke omni-directional crawler tool ready for deployment, developing features and functionalities that will enhance its performance and effectiveness to ensure it will deliver high-quality results that meet our clients' needs and expectations. We are working on a range of Advanced Inspection robotics which have been designed specifically to support splash zone inspection. Tooling will include Ultrasonic Corrosion Mapping, RVI & supporting services including high pressure water jetting and dry ice blasting!

If you are interested in finding out more about our Bespoke Solutions, please click on the link below or reach out and contact a member of the team.


In February, we were awarded a two-year contract with Inch Cape Offshore Ltd to provide Drone Inspection services. The main focus of this service will be to monitor the construction progress of a new wind farm situated in East Lothian. Once the project is complete, the Inch Cape Offshore Wind Farm will have up to 72 turbines situated 15km off the Angus coast, making it the largest single source of renewable energy in Scotland.

Pictured: The Inch Cape Team and Andrew Johnston

To support this project, we opened a new base in East Lothian. The new base is part of Innovair's continued expansion to meet the growing demand and opportunities in the energy markets, demonstrating the increased need for robotic solutions.

Pictured: Andrew Johnston

The new base, located in the village of Ormiston, 5 minutes from the major A1 motorway, will also create job opportunities in the area, with Innovair employing new staff in a range of roles, including drone inspection engineers.


In March we welcomed Ewan Preston to the team as a Drone Inspection Engineer.

While Ewan is relatively new to the industry, he has demonstrated a strong aptitude for learning and a deep passion for drones and technology. Our team at Innovair is committed to providing Ewan with the support and training he needs to grow his skills and expertise. With his enthusiasm and eagerness to learn, we are confident that Ewan will quickly become an integral part of our team and will help us continue to provide top-notch drone inspection services to our clients.

Pictured: Ewan Preston

Wind Season Begins!

As wind season kicks off, teams are already out carrying out blade inspections. Our skilled and experienced inspection team will be working diligently to ensure that each turbine is thoroughly inspected and any issues are identified and addressed promptly. We understand the importance of keeping wind turbines running smoothly and efficiently, and our team is committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients.

Pictured: Andrew Johnston, Ewan Preston, Stuart Lawson

Should you require a blade inspection or any other form of inspection services that we offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team members. We are always available to have a chat and discuss your requirements in detail, with the aim of providing you with a tailored solution that fits your needs perfectly.


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