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Robotics, the future of in-service inspection & maintenance – Mini-Series

We remain in an incredibly testing time for all industry sectors. Over and above the short and long-term economic damage caused by COVID-19, the challenges we face are many. Price volatility, regulatory reform, meeting environmental responsibility needs or investment requirements, to name a few.

The opportunity for growth, particularly in the energy sector, is significant. Pre-COVID, the demand for energy across the world was continuing to rise, something which will likely return as we recover. We cannot, however, predict the future and should take the positives from now. We have been presented with an opportunity of time. Time to reassess, to prioritise and to change. It presents an opportune moment for asset operators to identify and introduce more efficient and cost-effective ways of working.

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Inspection & maintenance costs account for a significant part of the annual operational spend on an industrial asset. Regarding offshore oil & gas assets, this could be >30% of a c.£50-100m annual operational budget for the largest manned steel platforms.

It is crucial that operators maximise the economics of their assets and, ultimately, reduce costs throughout an asset’s life cycle.

Optimising production capabilities, integrity and assurance is key. When you consider the increased operation and maintenance costs of older assets, this can be particularly difficult to manage. This makes the decision of whether or not to extend the life of existing assets an increasingly difficult one.

Innovair believes that robotics can play a significant part in supporting asset operators to overcome the current and future challenges.

Robots enable projects to be completed to the highest levels of safety, efficiency, repeatability and quality, delivering cost reduction through innovation.

Our mini-series, “Robotics: The future of in-service inspection & maintenance,” will share how, covering some of the following topics:

  • Current remote & robotic inspection solutions

  • Limitations of current solutions and opportunities.

  • The value of data – Maximising your ROI

  • Intelligent robots

  • The journey to full autonomy

  • Our vision for the future of inspection & maintenance robotics

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