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Flare Condition Drone Inspections

Scope Overview

Our client required a drone inspection of a flare system and associated structures on a UKCS offshore facility with a recurring inspection frequency.

These inspections, conducted biannually, will comprehensively document the overall condition of the Flare Boom and its associated components. 

Scope of work provided by the client includes:

  • A GVI and photographic survey shall be conducted on the entire Flare Boom Structure.

  • A CVI shall be conducted on 100% of the top and side braces.

  • High-resolution images that can be processed into single Orthomosaic file for each flare face.

What did we do?

Innovair issued project specific workpacks to the offshore team prior to the offshore works and oversaw the seamless mobilisation of equipment and personnel to the client's asset, from our Aberdeen base.

A team of 2 Innovair personnel mobilised with a M300 RTK Inspection Drone system and two camera payloads. Both personnel were experienced inspection engineers and competent drone pilots.

Drone flights were carried out from two locations, namely a scaffold launch area on an upper deck level and also cellar deck. 10 flights were completed over the project using Innovair’s DJI M300 Drone Inspection system and two camera payloads, P1 and H20T.

What were the results?

Throughout the project, Innovair team liaised closely with the client to support their requirements and ultimately collect sufficient inspection data using our drone systems.

Initial flights were concentrated on obtaining the required images for orthoimage generation of the 4 facades (Top, Underside, East & West sides) then focussing on stand-off images, GVI and CVI across the flare structure. Our P1 Zenmuse camera payload captured high-resolution geotagged imagery at 45 megapixels.

Upon returning to our base, our team of Qualified Inspection Engineers meticulously compiled detailed reports, which were then provided to the client, confirming the current condition of the flares. Subsequent inspections will involve comparing the newly gathered data with previous datasets to monitor any signs of deterioration.

What were benefits?

Conducting bi-annual drone inspections of the Flare System ensures a comprehensive understanding of its condition. This frequency allows for regular monitoring, enabling the detection of any potential issues before they escalate into larger problems. 

By capturing detailed data during each inspection, including visual and close-up imagery, as well as conducting structural assessments, a repeatable dataset is established for comparison across visits. 

The Orthomosaics serve as a valuable tool for trend analysis, enabling our client to visualise and track changes in the condition of the Flare Boom over time.

Client Project Manager Feedback

Thanks for the efforts Innovair team, much appreciated!"

Project Gallery

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