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Offshore Weather Mast CVI

Scope Overview

Our client required drone inspection to check for potential dropped objects (DROPS) on an Offshore Weather Mast located within a Wind Farm in the Moray Firth. The Weather Mast was due to be decommissioned and the client required a team to board the structure safely to assist with preparatory works for the decommissioning project and to recover various items and equipment to clear the asset.

What did we do

A team of two Innovair personnel mobilised for the project, both were experienced inspection engineers and competent drone pilots.

Works were completed in one day, with the drone inspection being completed promptly once CTV arrived on site to maximise site time for the decommissioning team on the Mast.

The drone was deployed from the back deck of the CTV prior to the vessel approaching the structure. No issues were identified on the structure during the flight and the client was also able to verify footage on a secondary screen during the flights. Once the team were satisfied there were no DROP risks, they proceeded to board the mast.

What were results

4K inspection footage was collected and reviewed by the decommissioning team whilst onboard the CTV. The flight team also collected high-resolution images of the main structural members and components of the mast.

Data was sent by electronic transfer once the team had returned onshore. Edited images and video files were issued to the client to allow them to complete further assessment on the condition of the structure. Although the main priority of the scope was to provide initial inspection (DROPS Survey) of the Weather Mast, all further images and videos captured will enable the client to plan future decommissioning works and track project progress.

What were benefits

Using a drone to conduct the DROP’s survey ensured the required data could be captured without personnel accessing the potentially hazardous Weather Mast.

The drone inspection was completed promptly which meant that time on mast for the decommissioning team was maximised.

A drone was the perfect tool for this remote inspection. Deployed by experienced pilots, using High-Resolution camera payloads, to access difficult areas of offshore assets, capture accurate and actionable data and ultimately keep personnel safe.

Project Gallery

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