Tank Inspection Campaign Using ELIOS2


Innovair conducted Internal Visual Inspection on 5 out of 6 major condensate tanks at a site in the UK. The aim of the visual inspections was to assess the condition of each tank internally and to identify any areas of potential concern which may warrant further investigation via alternative inspection methods.

Client: Global Energy Services Company

Location: England

Deliverable: Close Visual Inspection & Detailed Reporting

Project Duration: 16 Days



  • Temporary Habitats were built for safe access

  • Large volume of inspection data collected


The tank inspection campaign was completed over a 16-day period, using Innovair’s ELIOS2 drone system for the works to avoid man-entry.

ELIOS2 is designed specifically for inspection within confined spaces and over 200 flight missions were flown within the 5 tanks accumulating over 35 hours of both GVI & CVI inspection data

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