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Tank Inspection Campaign Using ELIOS2

Scope Overview

Innovair conducted Internal Visual Inspection on 5 out of 6 major condensate tanks at a site in the UK. The aim of the visual inspections was to assess the condition of each tank internally and to identify any areas of potential concern which may warrant further investigation via alternative inspection methods.

What did we do?

Innovair provided one inspection engineer and qualified tank inspector along with project supervision.

Tank inspection campaign was completed over a 3-week period and two mobilisations. Prior to drone deployment, all tanks were isolated and vented, with continuous gas monitoring on site. Temporary scaffold structure was erected to support safe operations and was the entry location for drone deployment through an access hatch point on the tanks.

Innovair utilised it’s ELIOS2 caged drone system for the works which is designed specifically for inspection within confined spaces. In total over 200 flight missions were flown using Innovair’s Elios2 drone system within all 5 tanks and accumulated over 35 hours of inspection data.

What were the results?

Innovair initially conducted General Visual Inspection (GVI) across 100% of each tank’s surface to ascertain their high-level condition and identify any areas / points of interest (POIs) for follow up inspection in the subsequent Close Visual Inspection (CVI).

During the inspection around 200GB of high-resolution videos were collected per tank using the 4K camera sensor on the ELIOS2. In total, over 1TB of data was collected over the full campaign for the 5 tanks.

Reports were generated for each tank after the inspections, analysed by qualified inspectors. Video highlights of both the general and close visual inspections were edited into timelines and uploaded to an online media player.

What were the benefits?

Working closely with the client, we leveraged our know-how and inspection experience to help deliver this project, on-time and within budget. Innovair delivered a unique approach to collecting tank inspection data, supporting our client to make informed decisions on their assets.

Innovair’s inspection solutions:

  • Reduced risk by eliminating man entry

  • Enabled efficient tank inspections

  • Minimised shutdown/outage durations

Client Project Manager Feedback

“Innovair were collaborative, reliable and professional throughout. The team listened to our requirements and responded through each phase of the works. The site-based personnel promoted the application of learnings throughout the workscope and actively contributed to the positive safety culture at the worksite.”

Project Gallery

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