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Rail Industry

Our specialist survey & inspection solutions are providing visibility and a highly accurate understanding of asset condition across the rich & diverse range of rail network infrastructure. Innovair’s integrated service offering & solutions driven approach helps to increase infrastructure reliability, prioritise repair works, improve workforce safety and reduce costs.

By improving the effectiveness of survey & inspection across your assets, automating data collection, improving precision & accuracy and providing detailed analysis, we enable informed decision making to maximise network availability.


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Our survey personnel are specialists in the deployment of both photogrammetry and LiDAR. Using drones, we generate fully georeferenced high-resolution point clouds and orthomosaic images.

Regulated by the RICS, our know-how and experience ensures we deliver highly accurate data sets quickly and efficiently, providing our clients with the data they need, when they need it.

We deliver critical site data, including bare-earth topographic surveys, which can be exported in a variety of formats to suit your needs e.g.2D/3D DWG and Revit models.

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Using Drones our highly experienced inspectors can safely and efficiently capture visual, thermal & NDT inspection data, across rail assets & infrastructure.

Drone inspection provides safe access to high or complex assets, increases inspection efficiency and improves workforce safety, by reducing the need for personnel to access the infrastructure.

Innovair’s drone NDT capability includes Skyron, a tethered drone that can collect ultrasonic thickness (UT) measurements across a range of structures, at various angles.

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Using state-of-the-artlaser scanning technology, our teams rapidly capture accurate as-built information delivering holistic data sets to an internal accuracy of +/-5mm.

Combined with HDR panoramic images we can generate measurable 3D scan point cloudsof your facilities, tanks and associated pipework.

Working across industries, our data collection techniques are extremely transferable. 3D Laser scanning offers a cost-effective means of collecting millions of data points for your analysis and reporting.

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Our mobile robotics solutions enable the safe and effective collection of inspection data for difficult to access structures & at height.

Addressing access challenges and delivering the appropriate inspection tooling to remote locations, we generate efficiencies, reduce costs & keep people safe.

Ground or surface-based crawler robots can be fitted with LED lighting, 360°pan & tilt HD cameras or Advanced NDT scanning payloads, providing tailored solutions for the task at hand.

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Ageing assets can generate unique inspection challenges. Often these materialise in areas which are difficult to access and may require a custom-made solution, or the integration of multiple inspection techniques, to obtain the correct data and understanding of condition.

Our experienced team of inspection engineers, roboticists & data scientists can develop advanced inspection robots to support your operations.

Taking the time to understand the drivers for inspection and what you are looking to achieve, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you to develop a solution.

Latest Case Studies

Incorporating state-of-the-art survey & inspection technology and practices with pioneering deployment solutions, we have become a trusted partner to clients across multiple industry sectors. Explore a selection of our latest project case studies below.