Laser Scanning

Our team of Chartered Surveyors & Site Engineers deliver highly accurate measured surveys utilising a wide range of laser scanning solutions.

Providing you with a versatile and holistic data capture service, reducing project costs across the built environment.

Building on our worldwide experience using the latest ground, vehicular and airborne solutions, Innovair operates at the leading edge of technology. We are regulated by the RICS and our survey personnel are experts in their field. We deliver highly accurate data sets quickly and efficiently providing our clients with the data they need, when they need it.

Static Scanning

Using state-of-the-art laser scanning technology, our teams rapidly capture accurate as-built information delivering holistic data sets to an internal accuracy of +/- 5mm. Combined with HDR panoramic images we deliver colourised point cloud data helping you visualise and measure your environment.

Mobile Mapping

Using the latest LiDAR and positioning technology up to 100km of roadway can be mapped per day. The captured LiDAR data enables accurate, high-resolution point clouds to be created. Georeferenced imagery can also be integrated providing panoramic desktop tours.


Using our heavy lift drones, we capture high resolution LiDAR data across large survey areas and inaccessible terrain. Our systems penetrate vegetation ensuring accurate Digital Terrain Models (DTM) as well as Digital Surface Models (DSM) can be produced.

Bespoke Solutions

Working across industries, our data collection techniques are extremely transferable. Whether your asset is below ground, above ground, at height or anywhere in between, we will provide a solution to capture actionable point cloud data.

Industry Selector

Construction, Civils & Infrastructure

Our technology solutions provide a multitude of benefits allowing key stakeholders to make up to the minute, informed decisions on various active working sites. These sectors are moving at such a fast pace that the technology used to monitor, survey and inspect must follow suit. 

Precision surveying for all environments


Reduce numbers of personnel on site


Rapid deployment - time saving solutions


Bespoke output compatible with most CAD packages

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Innovair has over 50 years combined experience in specialist survey and industrial inspection. We are more than just a service provider. We are passionate about delivery and exceeding our client’s expectations on every project.

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