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A compact, low-profile and modular robot, MAGNI can be deployed on flat or curved ferrous metal surfaces. The robot can be deployed internally within confined spaces or pipework, and externally on topside, substructure, splash zone and subsea components.


Suitable for a wide range of applications, including remote inspection, corrosion mapping, thickness measurement and weld inspection.

Magni Assembled.png

Remote Visual 

Surface Cleaning  Options

Advanced NDT  Capability

MAGNI Features

The modular magnetic wheels provide constant adhesion with the climbing surface. Chassis configurations for flat & curved structures.

The HD cameras and high-power lights provide an all-round view to enable precise positioning and visual inspection of the asset.

Magni is compatible with a range of NDT systems, including for corrosion mapping, PEC and weld defect inspection.

Options for surface cleaning which can be utilised for removal of bio-fouling, corrosion and unwanted surface coatings.

The rugged waterproof design ensures reliable operation in harsh marine environments, including in saltwater.

Weighing less than 10Kg, it is lightweight and can be deployed and controlled by one person including via Rope access.


We can arrange a live demo or bring MAGNI to your site. Reach out and we'll happily answer any questions.

If you would like one of the team to contact you with further information such as a technical datasheet on MAGNI then please fill out form.

Magni Landing Page

MAGNI Applications

MAGNI has been designed so it can be utilised on external and internal surfaces with slight modifications. The system can offer a safe alternative to hazardous or complex environments, especially for offshore, splash zone or underwater structures.

Deployed in high-risk remote environments, we are automating the method for accessing target components and enabling delivery of cost-effective NDT campaigns on Oil platforms or Offshore wind farms either at height or subsea, addressing a significant challenge for operators. 

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Internal Pipework Strip.jpg


Caissons, Risers, Conductors, Structural Pipework

Jacket Structures, Splash Zone

Decommissioning projects

Wind Turbine Foundations, Monopiles & Jackets

Offshore Substations Structures

Offshore Wind Monopile Strip.jpg
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