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Q2 Newsletter

During the second quarter, we have been actively engaged in various projects; while our Field Engineers have been out diligently conducting inspections, our R&D team has been dedicated to advancing state-of-the-art inspection robotics specifically designed to address the challenges our clients encounter during inspections.

We hope you enjoy reading about these updates and stay tuned!


Wind Season

As the wind season swings into action, our inspection teams embarked on a series of projects to multiple wind farm projects across UK and Ireland. Their mission: to conduct meticulous onshore and offshore blade inspections, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Pictured: M300 and Wind Turbine

These projects presented unique challenges (see image below) demanding the expertise and agility of our teams to navigate diverse environments and it's patrons, conducting thorough assessments.

Pictured: Donkey on site

Find out more about our capabilities with blade inspection and in the renewables sector here..



We are pleased to announce that we have successfully passed the SEQual desktop audit. This achievement demonstrates our meticulous attention to detail and adherence to industry standards, setting us apart as a trusted and reliable partner in the field.

Furthermore, we have accomplished another significant feat by clearing the DNV audit. This rigorous evaluation ensures that our operations align with the highest safety and quality standards, providing our clients with the assurance they need to trust in our services.

These achievements would not have been possible without the collective dedication and expertise of our entire team. Their unwavering commitment to quality has been pivotal in ensuring that we consistently deliver excellence to our valued clients.


Flare Inspection

In May, one of our teams headed offshore to a North Sea Asset for a Flare Boom inspection. The scope of work was to conduct a general visual inspection and close visual inspection of the flare and associated structures.

Pictured: Offshore Flare

During the inspection, we identified moderate to severe corrosion affecting parts of the Flare structure. We promptly reported our findings to our client, equipping them with the necessary information to make informed decisions and develop appropriate repair plans.

By meticulously uncovering and promptly communicating these maintenance needs, we aim to contribute to the continued success of our clients' operations.


Solutions Projects

Over the summer we are mobilising several key Advanced NDT projects using our bespoke robotic systems, kicking off with a internal Leg inspection on a North Sea platform completed recently.

Pictured: Magnetic Crawler in development

Our inspection, robotics, mechatronics & AI specialists follow a structured workflow when designing these solutions for inspection challenges. The process starts with a thorough understanding of the customer's needs and challenges, followed by ideation and concept development. Once a concept is selected, the design team creates detailed specifications and prototypes for testing and validation. The solution is then refined and optimised based on feedback and testing results.

Throughout the entire process, we emphasise communication and collaboration with the customer to ensure the solution aligns with their goals and expectations.

Pictured: Magnetic Crawler performing inspections

We are excited to continue to share our journey with you so keep an eye on our socials as we have some exciting news in the pipeline!


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