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We are developing and operating robotic technology used by our inspectors to conduct remote inspection of pressure vessels and storage tanks widely used in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry. Our robotic solutions address access challenges and deliver the appropriate inspection & maintenance tooling to remote locations. Using a range of sophisticated centralisation and adhesion solutions our team can also support development of bespoke systems as required. 

With over 30 years’ experience creating technology led NDT solutions directs our team’s development of high-speed automated NDT scanning systems. Designed for a range of in-service inspection requirements, our systems support our clients to achieve highly accurate and repeatable inspection data.

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We utilise various robotic systems to safely access and inspect confined spaces such as tanks, tunnels, under decks, chimneys, roof cavities. We use collision tolerant, caged drones systems and inspection crawlers depending on the application. Recent advances in the sensor and robotic technologies allows safer inspections to be carried out in hazardous locations whilst providing systematic and accurate data.


Accessing and inspecting confined spaces in various sectors can be a challenging process. These tasks are usually dangerous, time-consuming and expensive to complete. Confined space entry requires additional controls and usually is dangerous for a worker to be present within the space due to risks such as getting stuck, exposure to toxic gases, liquids, chemicals and more. Also, many confined spaces have obstacles or large cavities which pose an issue for a comprehensive inspection to be completed.





Our team of experienced Inspection Engineers use a range of Remote Visual Inspection systems to access the most challenging structures & components across your facilities. Available for rapid deployment, our solutions enable the safe, timely and effective collection of visual inspection data helping to maintain asset integrity withi various pipework. Ideally suited for hostile environments, push rod cameras can be used for inspection in pipes and ducting controlled with pan & tilt functions. ATEX approved systems are available for working in high risk explosive atmospheres.

Robotic crawlers provide a safe and convenient method for accessing hard to reach areas. Robust and powerful they can be driven 1,000s of metres from the operator where necessary, inside pipework, on vertical or inverted surfaces using a range of sophisticated centralisation or magnetic adhesion solutions. Our team can support development of bespoke systems as required.




Using the latest in remotely operated systems, we deliver a safe and efficient approach to working in challenging and complex environments. Offering crawlers, cameras, drones and robotics, our objective is to deliver the highest quality, repeatable inspection. Being your eyes, wherever you need to see. Our engineers can provide inspection results in a variety of formats, supporting your asset integrity needs across offshore, petrochemical and construction assets.

By using robots in hazardous application, not only we try to reduce human involvement, but also improve efficiency, productivity and quality of data collected through robot-based automation.

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Incorporating state-of-the-art survey & inspection technology and practices with pioneering deployment solutions, we have become a trusted partner to clients across multiple industry sectors. Explore a selection of our latest project case studies below.


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